Grand Theft Auto Myths and Legends
Here's a quote from a preview for Gta V

"Anything can happen in the countryside parts. The simplest encounters with human or animal can provide a challenge or a mission. There's plenty of life outside of the city. Predators will be on the prowel and they can be annoying, but there are also people who rather live there than in the city.A motorcycle gang lives in the hot desert and a group of people, in other words 'crazies' in a forest. There's also a military base hidden in the countryside. We've not seen a whole lot of it , but it is said that it's a huge joy to drive through the countryside in a nice car or on motorcycle. Speaking of countryside..we saw Franklink going down with a parachute, almost hitting the rocks and nearby wild cats had almost attacked him."

Crazies in the woods? What happens when we encounter them? Only time will tell but it's already looking like strange happenings will be there to discover come September 17.
Finished with SA myths "Bigfoot" and "Ghost Cars" plus a ton of re-modeling. Also working on a logo.

New trailers tomorrow! Can't wait!
We have 3 new trailers coming for GTA V this Tuesday(April 30th) one for each respective protagonist.

We also have heaps of inside brand new previews coming this Thursday(May 2nd).

So stay tuned! We will be watching alongside you analyzing the trailers and previews.